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Student Senate

Student Senate is a group of students chosen from many different middle and high schools in the SRVUSD district. We act as a liaison between the students and the district. We meet often to discuss problems at our school, as well as action items to fix it. The Student Senate also contributes to decisions of SRVUSD's board meetings through the Student Board Member.
We also have Umbrella Groups/ Subcommittees which are groups of people who create actions under that topic. Our Subcommittees include: Mental Health, Student Voice, Drug Awareness, and Social Equity.  
Mental Health: We will create events and concepts that will help with the big issue of mental health. 
Social Equity: To spread Awareness on social equity. 
Student Voice: Will survey students and help find the solutions to the problems students are facing. 
Drug Awareness: Spreads Awareness and teaches on Drug use. 
There are two student senators representing Gale Ranch: 
Cynthia Liu; who is under the subcommittee of Mental Health
Arunya Singh who is under the subcommittee of Student Voice.